Welcome to the Team, Duy Do

Duy is one of the newest members of our team, joining in September 2022, as an Electrical Coordinator. After graduating from Temple University with a BSEE, Duy worked on designing and modeling communication systems on submarines at NDI Engineering Co, with the Navy. He really enjoys working and building things, especially anything related to buildings and houses.

Outside of work, Duy spends time with his family and likes to go on weekend trips to relax and enjoy the beautiful views at the beach, mountains, or lake. He also likes to play badminton, soccer, volleyball, and games on the computer. Duy’s favorite foods are Pad Thai, pizza, burgers, and Vietnamese food. When asked if he sees the glass as half full or half empty, he views it as half full.  

Connect with Duy on LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/duy-do-4a1a55126

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